Música y Letra: ELE


In the dawn of your day, all alone with your thoughts

Wondering why you took that choice If you hate how your life goes

And you feel bitterness, fury is all around,

Stop repeating yourself what should I do now?

Just wake up, trust yourself and take the reigns of your life.

I know that the fear of loneliness follows you behind

But be strong this time, that’s in the past

Close that door girl, start again.


Go, go and never look back

Don’t change your mind.

You need to be firm with what you’ve decided

Go, and never look back.

Go, go, it’s time to move on

Regrets are all in vain

You soon will be well, there’ll be no pain

Go, you have to move on.


Find the way, feel secure ´cause we walk next to you

Don’t be afraid of being alone, we`ll be there even more

But you really need to fend for yourself

Please listen for once, stop ruining your life.

You take refuge in strange arms believing it’s true love

You depend on the unknown to hide from your soul

Face the truth, be brave, and find your fairy tale

Dare to dream, enjoy and live.


Live your own life

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